Something new!

🐱 Nice to see you! 🐱 

Some might have noticed, that we haven't updated any new products for a little while. To be honest, we have been busy with other projects! But soon our dear omk is about to get a lot of new products, to help all cat ladies and cat daddies to stay up to date with times.

We are trying a new kind of storage solution for our little store to make more products available. We have been negotiating with our suppliers abroad to ship our products directly from the manufacturer to you! In other words, these products are made to order and you get it immediately, instead of it changing hands more than necessary. Of course some products we do store in our European storage too, whenever it's more convenient. As we have this international storage option now, we have decided to expand to the big ol' United States as well! 

We are so excited for this new "relaunch" so to speak, even though we never closed or anything. The expected final result should be happening at the beginning of April. Even though, it isn't actually a final, as we want to be active from now on, and change our selection often! 

Make sure to come visit again!